An app for quality of life with bipolar disorder

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PolarUs: An App to Support Quality of Life in Bipolar Disorder

Built by researchers, people with lived experience and healthcare providers.

Funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and philanthropic support from the Daymark Foundation, PolarUs represents the culmination of a decade of work by the CREST.BD team to support health and quality of life in people with bipolar disorder.

About PolarUs

The PolarUs app will put bipolar disorder research into the hands of the people who need it most. At the heart of the PolarUs app is our evidence-backed and globally-recognized Quality of Life in Bipolar Disorder scale, which helps people with bipolar disorder to measure and monitor their quality of life. The PolarUs app, however, is more than just a measurement system. It also empowers people to identify and apply evidence-based self-management strategies, with the goal of guiding them towards health and quality of life.

PolarUs is developed by CREST.BD, The Collaborative RESearch Team to study psychosocial issues in Bipolar Disorder. We’re an international network of researchers, people living with bipolar disorder, healthcare providers, and family members and supporters. We’re dedicated to working in tandem with people who live with bipolar disorder; PolarUs has been built hand in hand with people who live with bipolar disorder.

Our Study Goals

Many mental health apps don’t have research evidence behind them. At CREST.BD, we believe that research backing for the tools we create is essential. That’s why we want to study how people use the PolarUs app, and the impact it has on their quality of life.

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